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Asagro’s AI image analysis technology enhances the efficiency of corn cultivation. By providing easily comprehensible outcomes, agricultural professionals can pinpoint areas of crop stress and identify factors that hinder potato yields. This technology helps prevent unnecessary resource wastage and improves profitability by offering accurate data for optimizing input utilization.

Corn Farming Analysis

ASAgro’s analyses are well-suited for a wide range of field crops, including corn cultivation. These analyses assist agricultural professionals in saving time by streamlining processes like crop scouting, as well as enabling them to take effective measures against pests, weeds, and diseases by providing strategic insights.

Recommended Analyses For Corn Farming

Weed Detection

We have the ability to accurately and precisely identify weeds in the field through advanced technology, which is known as weed detection. This technology offers numerous benefits for farmers and the agriculture industry as a whole.
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Stand Count (Yield Estimation)

Yield estimation is a process of predicting and estimating the future performance of a crop. By utilizing past data, analyses, and mathematical models, we can provide an estimation of crop yield under different conditions. These estimations are highly valuable for resource planning, strategic decision-making, and improving product quality.
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Slope Of Land

Elevation data of agricultural land without crops can determine the slope of the land. By utilizing the slope of the land, we can provide proper planting and irrigation methods to not only increase productivity but also prevent soil erosion, water stress, and resource wastage.
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Plant Stress

Plant stress calculation is a process that examines the effects of various environmental conditions on the growth and development of plants. This information can be used to improve irrigation management, nutrition, and plant protection.
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Vegetation Indices

Monitoring the health and diseases of agricultural products is the most important information that can be extracted from multispectral images, which will be recognized as plant indices. The changes in plant growth, diseased areas, and existing stresses in plants are studied and investigated using plant indices or agricultural indices.
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A sample of the images taken by ASAgro in the Corn monitoring process

پایش ذرت

The analyses conducted by ASAgro in the Corn field

پایش ذرت شیب
Calculation and measurement of land slope
پایش ذرت تراکم
Evaluation of crop density status
پایش ذرت تراکم
Investigation and determination of high-stress areas in the farm
پایش ذرت رطوبت
Evaluation of moisture status in the farm
Investigation and determination of areas with weed infestation

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