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Considering the emerging nature of this industry worldwide and the high potential for its implementation, ASAgro is striving to provide monitoring services in Watersheds by utilizing its specialized knowledge in the satellites and agricultural analysis. In this regard, aerial and satellite imaging, along with the analysis of the resulting maps, can be used to monitor and investigate lands in the shortest possible time.

Best time to conduct analysis in Watershed

The best time to conduct an analysis in a watershed can vary depending on the specific objectives and factors involved. However, it is generally recommended to conduct watershed analysis during periods of stable hydrological conditions. This typically occurs during the dry season or when there is minimal rainfall and runoff. Conducting analysis during these periods allows for more accurate assessments of water availability, flow patterns, and other hydrological parameters. Additionally, it is important to consider any specific seasonal variations or events that may impact the watershed, such as snowmelt or monsoon seasons, and incorporate them into the analysis as necessary.

Providable Services in Watersheds

Observing the overall status of the area

1) Assessing the overall status of the area using high-resolution aerial images and maps 2) Ability to create maps with customizable resolutions ranging from 1 to 10 centimeters 3) Accurate and visual determination of the positions of objects, structures, areas, plants 4) etc, Capability to provide results in all standard formats
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Identification of water channels, modeling, and simulation of water flow

1) Preparation of high-precision elevation and topographic maps of water channels 2) Preparation of maps indicating the magnitude and direction of land slope 3) Modeling and simulation of water flow in water channels 4) Analysis of water flow velocity in water channels
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Preparing a flood probability map

1) Preparation of flood probability map 2) Overlaying sensitive areas (such as cities, roads, etc.) on the map 3) Ability to incorporate various inputs for integration
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Monitoring the performance of watershed structures

1) Geographical location of the structure 2) Area of sediment deposition on the surface 3) Elevation and volume of empty space within the structure. Type of structure 4) Structural geometry (height and width) 5) Three-dimensional model of the structure 6) Area of vegetation cover on the structure
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The analyses conducted by ASAgro on Watershed

Determining the location of water structures
Digital elevation map along with contour lines of topography
Surface slope map
Monitoring the performance of watershed structures.
Three-dimensional simulation of waterlogging using a three-dimensional map created with a drone.
Flood probability map considering sensitive areas.

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