About Us

Everything started from a dream!
Our story goes back to the early days of April 2021, where we decided to take the first steps in the field of precision agriculture, hand in hand with the latest advancements in science. It is a novel concept, yet filled with promising news. It is knowledge that aims to utilize the best cutting-edge sciences to manage the agricultural process more efficiently and ultimately increase the productivity of the crops.
In this regard, our team strives to use technologies based on drones, satellites, and computer science to closely and rapidly monitor the fields, examine the existing challenges on the ground, and ultimately provide you with the best solutions for each challenge. This is an approach that has gained significant attention in many advanced countries in the field of agriculture in recent years.
Our dream has been and still is to improve the productivity of farmers. It is a dream as vast as the farmlands of all over the world.
Executing multiple operational projects, utilizing the best equipment and state-of-the-art sensors, alongside employing a professional team of aerospace specialists, mapping experts, and agriculturalists, are just some of the efforts our team is making to achieve this dream.
We believe that ” The farmer deserves the best.”
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